Dazzle Ship at Albert Dock

As part of the Liverpool Biennial, National Museums Liverpool and 14-18 NOW, the WWI Centenery Cultural Programme, will recreate a Dazzle Ship at Albert Dock.

The drydocked pilot boat, Edmund Gardner will be painted in dazzling camoflage by artist Venezualan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez. The boat will be accompanied by a display showing the history of Dazzle Ships and the role of artists in WWI. The ship can be viewed from 13 June 2014 until end of 2015.

Dazzle ships were painted in contrasting stripes and patterns to make it difficult to estimate the speed and heading of a vessel. British naval and trade vessels used this dazzle painting as a form of protection from German submarines, as the optical illusion the camoflage created made it difficult to accurately attack.


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