Arthur McLellan 1891 – 1917

Arthur is recorded first as a member of RFA 3rd Battn, later as a Pioneer in the Royal Engineers.

Arthur was born in 1891, the sixth son of his parents, Robert and Emily. On the 1911 census he is shown as still living with his parents and some of his brothers in Gwladys Street, Walton. He is aged 19 and working as a Dock Labourer. Little else is known about Arthur’s civilian life. He did not marry, and as the family dispersed after the death of his mother in 1911 followed by his father in 1912, we have no stories or legends that have been passed down the generations.
As he would have been 23 and single in 1914, it would seem likely that he enlisted at the outbreak of war or shortly afterwards. A Medal Index Card and the Royal Engineers Medal Rolls show that he was a Driver first with the RFA and then with the Royal Engineers. ( Driver probably refers to horse – drawn transport, rather than motorised.)
It is recorded that Arthur died of wounds on 4th March 1917. Place of service was given as France and Flanders. He was one of my many great uncles, and until recently my family barely knew he existed. We would like to acknowledge his life and remember his service. Elder Brother George was killed in 1915.

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