Harvey K. Bisset: Perishes in preparation for battle

Harvey K. Bisset, one of four brothers from Liverpool, was in the United States when war broke out. He waited until August of 1918 to move to Canada to enlist. He caught the flu in training camp and it progressed into pneumonia, from which he perished merely ten days before the Armistice.

Harvey K. Bisset was one of four brothers and two sisters who were all involved in and deeply affected by World War I. Their mother, Fanny Bisset, documented their activities during the war in letters she sent to her sister who was living in San Francisco. Twelve of these letters were retained in the family and are the basis of a short compilation of the story of the Bisset family during the war. Please see “Letters from Liverpool” under “Connected Memorabilia” at the upper left of this page.

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