L/Corporal 15097 Leslie Tom West, my Great Uncle – What a Story

This is how at Easter 2015 I didn’t know this person existed, nine months on I could write a book!!

My dad told me that he thought we had a relation that had something to do with WW1 and, that in his flat, there is a cigarette case that might have something to do with this person. With research we established that this was my Great Uncle, L/C Leslie Tom West, 15097 17th Battalion Kings Liverpool Regiment “The Liverpool Pals”. We researched further found out that he was killed in action on 31st July 1915, which was the 1st day of the 3rd Battle of Ypres “Passchendale”. We discovered that he had a grave and was buried at the “Reservoir Cemetery near Ypres, we were able to visit his grave on 5th June 2015, a very moving moment. In October 2015 we finally found the cigarette case, which had been given to my Great Uncle by his brother & sister in law, it was enscribed L.T.W. from Gordon & Gerty with a date of 5th June 1915, which was the date it was probably given to Leslie Tom, if you look back in this text, unknown to my wife & I we had visited my Great Uncles grave EXACTLY 100 years to the day of the date on the cigarette caese- who doesn’t believe in divine intervention!!!!!!!!!!!

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