My Wife’s Grandad

Abraham joined the 8th Irish Btn of the Liverpool Kings went 4 years at the front WW1 returned uninjured, dies 23 years later at home in bed with his wife and children in May 1941 blitz miles from the front in WW2

In 1914 Abraham signed up with the 8th Irish Btn “Liverpool King’s Regt” and lied about his age stating he was 17 yrs and 1 month
You may say that was not unusual as many did.
However, he signed up on 16th June 1914 at 16 years & 2 months and WW1 did not begin until August 1914 and recruitment after that.
He spent 4 years in France without injury we think.
Returns, marries, starts a large family and 23 years later at home in bed with his wife and Six children, a thousand miles from the front is wiped out in the May 1941 Blitz.

My Wife’s Mother nee Kathleen KIRKHAM was 20 years old in May 1941was due to reach 21 on 29/05/1941 but the happiness of that date was overshadowed by the night of 3rd May 1941 while she was out working in a Parachute Factory and her brother Tommy was out at the Cinema they both returned home to 47 Great Orford Street to their Mum & Dad and 6 Brothers and Sisters wiped out by the Blitz that night. They both spent several days trying to find and identify their bodies but never did.

They were Father – Abraham aged 43 not 46 as shown in Civilian War Dead register as he was born 09/04/1898

Mother – Catherine nee FLOOD aged 43 also and not 45 as shown in Civilian War Dead register as she was born 1898 also

Brother – Arthur aged 4

Sister – Doris aged 9 months

Sister – Emma aged 6

Brother – Joseph aged 18

Sister – Margaret aged 9

Sister – Rose aged 11

Abraham was a Trucker for F W Mason & Sons who made a collection for Kathleen & Tommy,

They were all buried at Anfield Cemetery presumably under the Memorial there to the Civilian War Dead

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