Samuel Chapman’s Discharge Paper

Samuel Chapman’s Discharge Paper

Granddad was in the Army and Territorials from 1908 to 1943 – Serving in the Kings Regt. The Manchester Regt and finally the Pioneer Corp

Amongst my Father’s (Sidney Chapman) papers upon his death, I found Army papers he had kept since 1943 relating to his Dad – Samuel Chapman. The papers show he had been at Seaforth Barracks and may well have known the Officer Siegfried Sassoon who was also there during WW1.
As a child in the 1950/60′s I used to walk regularly past the Barracks Gates on route to play down on the sea shore, unaware Granddad ever served there.
I used to play War games with my mates at the ruined Barracks at Hightown, unaware of why it was there.
Would have liked to have discovered how Granddad earned his Military Medal with The Kings Liverpool Regt., but the records did not survive WW11.
Or as Col. Wintle (last man to be locked up in Tower of London) stated :- “There was only one war with the Hun – it lasted from 1914 to 1945 with a lull in the fighting between 1919 and 1939 while they regrouped”


3rd April 1919 Granddad Samuel Chapman’s Discharge papers from the King’s Liverpool Regt. He had already re- enlisted on 29th March 1919 into The Manchester Regt.

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