The Athenaeum during WWI

Many thanks to Joan Hanford, Librarian, for providing the information

During the war subscriptions could be suspended but many proprietors did not take up this offer.

The Athenaeum continued to operate as normal throughout the war, but proprietors and their families were deeply affected by events. The Minute Books recorded basic information:

July 1915 – Lieutenant George. H. Cohen killed in action in Flanders

January 1916 - Stated that 38 Proprietors were on active service. President stated that many Proprietors had lost sons and relatives in the battlefield in 1915. Private Godfrey Parton was missing.

June 1916 – Mr. Richard Dart, Mr. R. Bodey and Professor Herdman lost sons.

September 1916 – Mr. Alexander Guthrie lost son in France.

In 1917 stated that 54 Proprietors were engaged on War Service.

January 1917 – Son of Colonel T. Young died of wounds

February 1917 – Capt. David Ratcliffe killed in France. Lieut. Harold St. George reported missing

June 1917 – Sons of Mr. Fletcher and Mr. T. Turton were killed in France

July 1917 – Mr. Shears lost son – killed in action in France

September 1917 – Col. D. Harrison lost son – killed in action in France

December 1917 – Mr. H. Douglas Horsfall and Col. T.F. Young lost sons – killed in action. The second son of Col. Young to be killed that year.

May 1918 – Mr. Samuel H. Johnson lost son

November 1918 – Son of Mr. A. Hyslop-Maxwell died.


In April 1916 at a Committee meeting the question of a Roll of Honour was raised, but was deferred. There is still no Roll of Honour or memorial to its members who served during the war.

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