Wiliam E Reed

Wiliam E Reed

A brief statement of his association with Merseyside, and his contribution to the war.

William Edward Reed was the eldest of three surviving children. He remained in Liverpool after the war, and brought up his family in the city, marrying in 1914 to his second wife. His first wife had tragically died in 1912.
He had two brothers who also joined up, and who both settled in Blackpool, the town of their military training. William, an avid Everton fan, would cycle up to Blackpool to watch his team play, and where he would stay at his brother’s boarding house.
He had joined the territorials, 9th battalion in 1908 and reached the rank of Lance Sergeant. After leaving the army, he rejoined after the outbreak of WW1 and in 1916 was transferred to the Machine Gun Corps and stationed at Grantham, being demobbed in 1919.

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